Volunteering with any organization can be a challenging but also very rewarding experience.  This is certainly the case when you chose to become a volunteer with On Time Ministry.  We have a variety of volunteer opportunities available at any particular time; ranging from helping with transportation to managing a home for an overnight stay.

Each volunteer will be required to sign an agreement to abide by the rules and regulations of the home where they are volunteering, as well as signing a confidentiality agreement to protecting the privacy of the women of the homes.

We have included a list of character traits that we look for in each of our volunteers, if you feel that these describe you, please contact us through the email link at the bottom of the page and we can get the process started to have you help in the homes!


Volunteer Qualifications


1.Be a people person - Genuinely like to be with people and

be of service to them.

2. Be a team player - Ability to work with other volunteers in

delivering programs.

3. Respectful – Toward others, be a good example. 

4. Trustworthy - Able to maintain the confidentiality of the

participants in the program.  Names and stories are all very confidential.

5. Listening - Able to listen without judgement.

6. Empathy – Able to “be there” without judgement and see

“through their eyes.”

7. Empowerment – Ability to allow others to make decisions

and to learn.

8. Maturity – Ability to guide others constructively, don’t be drawn in to or affected by drama.

9.Flexible- With time and tasks.  Things can change quickly, be ready and willing to adapt.

10.Reliable and Committed-If you make a commitment, please follow through.  We appreciate and depend on our volunteers.

Interested in volunteering?

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