God is never late, and never early...
...He is always ON TIME!

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A ministry dedicated to the prevention, rescue, and restoration from the epidemic of human trafficking



We are a ministry dedicated to the prevention of, and restoration from, the epidemic of Human Trafficking.  On Time Ministry is one of the few that guide the survivors through each step from rescue to restoration.  Our first step is welcoming the women in from wherever they are; ladies come to us through our outreach program, other agencies, or after being incarcerated.  We ensure that all medical needs are met, and then they are brought in to one of our transition homes where we focus on their continued recovery and empowering each individual to move forward with their new lives.




"I love the quiet in the mornings... There is no running, no hiding, or fighting. There is no trying to find water, no cooking a can of "food" on a candle flame, if you were that lucky... There is no crime, evil, hatred or manipulation. There is no blood, bruises or tears... There is peace, shelter, harmony, light, and love. There is heat, water, food, a bed that is safe. There are hugs, smiles, and laughter. There is truth, and discipline. There is growing and transformation. There is Jesus's glory. There are saved lives. There is overflow in this place. There I am blessed."

"Everyday, I learn how to trust God and you."

"I'm stronger than I've ever been... The support and love I have from everyone is essential to my life..."

"I have been given the chance to lead a normal life. I have done things I have always wanted to do... I can now say that I have Jesus Christ as my Savior.  I have a loving family and supporting sisters."

"Since I've been here I have cleared my background, been reborn with Jesus, I've got a job and I'm working towards my future."

Capturing Freedom